summer can always stretch. the beach is not that far. family starts with jesus. home means here.


We really really really need a new post..

so i know we all kind of us the other blog now but i thought it might be nice for this blog to have another post so it doesn't feel left out. So this is just a post, to be a post, there is nothing really that important to say except maybe our fearless leader of the summer 06 crew is tying the knot this saturday to an amazing girl and that is pretty freakin exciting. and so i will probably see most of u there and some of u this summer and that makes me super duper excited! i miss everyone single one of u terribly terribly lots and i hope u are all good and want to here about u're lives. oh yeah, and my hair is a normal color now...haha, kind of sad really...oh and my friendship bracelet just fell off, very sad actually, oh well what can u do? anyways, love you!!!!


we need a new years post! i'm writing one! hopefully all of you cool peeps have already heard about the new years extravaganza of brilliance happening at gator's place on the 30th. it's going to be rad! clementine is going to be there! what more could we ask ? let me know if you need a ride/lodging/directions/more info, and i'll help you out! i would love to spend some quality time catching up, eating graham crackers, and making lanyards with you. for old times' sake, right??
muchas love and merry belated christmas!
race face


Anyone going to be at day camp this weekend, Man do I wish I could be there. I hate work! I am sorry Joe I wish I could be there, I really do. Its hurts my hurt that I haven't seen you guys in a long time!

I want to see how many of you check this site? If you are reading this please post hi or somthing so I know people are looking at this. That and I want to know whats happening in everyones life! I miss everyone!



Two things that remind me of Day Camp.

This weekend I went to Disneyland. . . and this is what I found!

Jack Pearson... I thought I finally escaped you!

And of course, Frodo!!!

I miss everyone so much! I hope you are all doing well!



men in white shirts, cont.

thanks to some b-e-a-utiful people from this summer, i was able to rock a few worlds via "men in white shirts" this weekend. i was asked to help plan a skit in front of a student bible camp my school offers, of course i pullled a couple of great ideas out of my sleeves, but the best was obvious. we grabbed eight guys and nailed it in front of about 150 college students. apparently it was a riot. i especially liked the opportunity i had to introduce the scenes, i chose the ever-so-famous Mav's butterfly (props to Race). one guy did that amazing bouncing of the chest/pecs thing, it was hilarious. another proud point was that we got our school chapelin to be the "zit" of the scene... i was proud of my boys. hope all is going well in your lives
p.s. happy late bday who!


I killed him!

Yea so Iam bored and I found this little clip of a long fight frodo and I had. But its okay everyone, we worked out our problems!